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31 January 2010 @ 06:16 pm
The Hex (Barb/Margie)  
Title: The Hex
Pairing: Barb/Margene
Author: hot_4_hahn 
Words : 586
Spoilery:  Spoilers for Season Two

Author's Note:  This is a short one and my very first fanfic for Big Love.  I have a Kink/Writing Challenge up if you want to visit on dreamwidth or livejournal and request a fic 

When Barb outed them to the gentle, kind neighbor, Pam; when Barb had taken Margie’s hand in her own, something had changed. When Barb’s fingers entwined with Margene’s, something had changed. Margene’s heart swelled on Pam’s porch. Barb had stood up for them, for the first time in years; for the first time since her marriage, Barb had stood up for them. No, Margie could admit, wanted to admit and claim and shout, Bard had stood up for her.

That day she had followed Barb around like a loyal puppy. When push came to shove Bill claimed Margie as his secretary, which she obviously wasn’t. If Margie had any organization sense that was news even to herself. But Barb…Barb had claimed her as a wife; claimed her as an equal and a partner. Barb had staked a claim, laid down a gauntlet, and Margie was on the side that was claimed. She’d never felt claimed her whole life, not by her father who ran off and left them, not by her mother who wanted only a drinking buddy. One time…once upon a time she felt claimed and wanted by Bill, but she realized now that was all smoke and pipe dreams. True love came from those who stood by you in your time of need, your time of loneliness, those who loved you no matter your faults. And Barb…Barb loved her.

Margie’s heart swelled. Her pulse raced, the tendrils of hair at her temple grew damp. Barb loved her. Barb cared for her, believed in family, and a connection. For the first time she realized Barb loved her, and Margie’s heart swelled.

Standing in the shadow of the staircase, Margie cooed at Barb and crooked her finger. Her dimples deepened as she watched her wife approach; her love, her companion. “What Margie?” Barb’s impatience rested right below the surface. It had been a long day, and between accosting the neighbor and confronting Bill about the new business, she felt physically…emotionally drained. She eyed Margene suspiciously, wondering what was so private that she needed to be pulled into a tight alcove. In a way Barb felt their entire life had been exposed today…at her hands.

The words caught in Margene’s throat as she watched the sentiments play across Barb’s face. First annoyance at being called away, then the exasperation of the day, and finally concern for Margie. Care for Margie’s silence. Margie wanted to speak, she wanted to thank Barb for everything, to tell her how much she loved her, to thank her for being so patient. But the words caught in her throat. How do you tell someone everything that’s in your soul in one fleeting, unprepared moment? How do you confess the love that resides in your heart? How do you express everything your heart feels? Can you even try?

Margie wanted to. She despaired to. She needed to. But, the words caught in her throat, struggled to make themselves heard. If she opened her mouth, she knew it would be a croak. A frog’s attempt to convey what she felt with her heart. So, instead, Margie used her heart. She reached out and sank long fingers into Barb’s lush curls. Those soft tresses that haunted her lonely nights without Bill. Just before their lips met, the words leapt from her chest, straight from her heart. “Barb, I love you.” Wet, warm, softness greeted her heartfelt admission. As Barb’s lips parted to accept her own, Margie sighed into her and knew everything would be okay.
wolfemeister: Helen Nikki lovewolfemeister on February 2nd, 2010 05:25 am (UTC)
Wow awesome, and very very very sexy.
Ashley: Jayma; Pretty Little Thinglost_raziel on February 5th, 2010 11:19 am (UTC)
That was amazingly sweet. The world needs more Barb/Margie.
(Anonymous) on March 10th, 2010 11:10 pm (UTC)
I am completely in love with Big Love right now, and I love the Barb/Margie ship. I cant find enough of it. Please write more. Mabey something nice and smutty lol.
kogoheir on April 13th, 2011 09:24 pm (UTC)
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